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MLC Health Group, located in Reseda, CA, provides expert and caring orthopedic rehabilitation for patients recovering from joint replacement surgery. We help people get back to the life they love as quickly as possible.

Orthopedic Rehab Q & A

How Important Is Orthopedic Rehabilitation?

Some patients ignore their surgeon’s recommendation to have ongoing orthopedic rehabilitation and that is a major mistake. A key part of quick and long-lasting recovery after a joint replacement or other major bone surgery is a directed, regular exercise program. By building up muscle strength around a new joint, a person can get back to normal activities and stay there.

What are the Benefits of Orthopedic Rehabilitation?

  • builds up strength in the joint and surrounding muscles

  • restores normal movement in joints

  • eases pain and swelling

  • allows returning to normal activities sooner

  • helps with circulation after surgery to prevent problems with blood clots

When Does Rehab Begin After Surgery?

The days of laying up for weeks before moving or standing after surgery are long past. Many patients start some form of therapy from day one of surgery. That probably begins with sitting on the edge of the bed and progresses to walking with the assistance of a therapist in the hospital.

Before a person leaves the hospital, they usually are given instructions for a professional therapist to follow so that recovery moves along without interruption. We work closely with a patient’s doctor and staff so that the surgery is successful and the patient can return to normal activities as quickly as possible without any relapse.

Rehab is a team effort - doctor, therapist, and patient. Once we have begun a patient on a regular rehabilitation schedule, we give them instructions and training for exercise to continue at home. Both formal rehab with MLC and informal rehab on a daily basis at home are the key to lasting and satisfying results.

Our goal is to help every patient who comes to us for orthopedic rehabilitation return to a pain-free life and enjoy that life to the fullest.



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    "I have been using Dr. C as my chiropractor for over 2 decades and have appreciated his work for many years and years to come. He definitely deserves 5 stars..."

    Evelyn A.
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    "He is incredibly blessed with his talent to heal the body. I would recommend no other to family and friends!"

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    "I was immediately taken care of. Dr. Chahayed was very knowledgeable and professional...I highly recommend this office."

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    "I highly recommend Dr Chahayed. He has helped me tremendously with lower back pain, grown and sciatic!"

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    "What would I do with out my Chiropractor Marwan Chahayed! Come in almost crying with pain...feeling like a new person. Thank you, thank you. You are truly the BEST!"

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