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MLC Health Group, located in Reseda, CA, is operated by a staff that understands the value of a qualified personal trainer from first-hand experience. Our goal is to give every person that visits us the best in expert guidance and care.

Personal Training Q & A

What Sets MLC Personal Training Apart?

At MLC, we offer more than instruction. We offer a staff with first-hand experience when it comes to the value of a qualified and caring personal trainer. MLC raises the standard in the fitness industry with an exercise facility and staff suited to the proper definition of exercise according to the latest health research. The personal trainers at MLC are trained exercise clinicians that can lead their patients through a personalized, unique supervised course of exercise that utilizes “state of the art” equipment.

What is the Goal of Personal Training at MLC?

The goal of personal training does involve weight loss and muscle mass gain, but it is more than that. A structured path is set to help patients reach their full genetic potential while spending the least amount of time possible working in the gym. Our goal is guiding people into improving their cardiovascular health and feeling good about themselves.

Some of the features of personal training at MLC include:

  • personalized fitness goals

  • individualized instruction

  • ongoing evaluation with a personal trainer

  • functional fitness that enhances individual performance

  • strength and endurance enhancement

  • building muscle

  • weight loss with long-lasting results

What Are the Main Advantages of Having a Personal Trainer?

  • Cross Training - Trainers employ a variety of workouts proven to be effective based upon specific goals.

  • Teaching vs. Showing - Personal trainers don’t simply show people “how” to use exercise and weight equipment. They teach principles of exercise and nutritional health that stay with a person throughout life.

  • Sets a Pace - Professional guidance is offered by trainers to teach people the pace and intensity level they need to get into to maintain optimum shape.

  • Turns Weaknesses Into Strengths - Trainers can see where a person’s weaknesses and strengths are and develop a program specific to meet those specific needs.

  • Accountability - Trainers provide necessary motivation and accountability needed for maximum results.


Words from our patients

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    "I have been using Dr. C as my chiropractor for over 2 decades and have appreciated his work for many years and years to come. He definitely deserves 5 stars..."

    Evelyn A.
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    "He is incredibly blessed with his talent to heal the body. I would recommend no other to family and friends!"

    Tara B.
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    "I was immediately taken care of. Dr. Chahayed was very knowledgeable and professional...I highly recommend this office."

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    "I highly recommend Dr Chahayed. He has helped me tremendously with lower back pain, grown and sciatic!"

    Kathleen R.
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    "What would I do with out my Chiropractor Marwan Chahayed! Come in almost crying with pain...feeling like a new person. Thank you, thank you. You are truly the BEST!"

    Deborah I.
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